Handmade Female Tarantula Exterior Ventral View Anatomy Labelling Toy

Finished product (sort of…the dorsal side isn’t done yet, I am going to make something similar on the back)
Bubble labels made of a slip of paper inside pill packet bubbles. Hook Velcro on the back of the bubbles. Soft loop Velcro on the spider body. Lots and lots of glue gunning. Next time I’ll try to sew them
The labels are a bit ill-fitting, but I’m pretty happy with this prototype I made out of stuff around the house. Finally found a use for that bag of teensy pom poms I bought a while back from the dollar store. They’re so cute, how could I not?

Isopod T-Shirts & Cloth Masks

1. Isopod Face-Masks for sale!

A woodlouse is a crustacean from the monophyletic suborder Oniscidea within the order Isopoda. Also known as “Pill Bugs” or “Roly-Poly Bugs”! Get the Isopod Face-Mask today!

  1. Isopods & Chips

A trio of isopods inspecting a bag of chips! It’s a pretty common occurrence. Now you can have them on a T-Shirt with the Isopods & Chips T-Shirt

3. Isopods & Plants Face-Mask

Isopods! Scuttling along in your garden, or maybe even straight into your heart (metaphorically)! Display your appreciation for these little detritivores with the Isopods & Plants Face-Mask

Other Common names for “woodlice” include:

“armadillo bug”
“billy baker” (South Somerset)
“boat-builder” (Newfoundland, Canada)
“butcher boy” or “butchy boy” (Australia, mostly around Melbourne
“carpenter” or “cafner” (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)
“carpet shrimp” (Ryedale)
“cheeselog” (Reading, England)
“cheesy bobs” (Guildford, England)
“cheesy bug” (North West Kent, England)
“cheesey wig”
“chiggy pig” (Devon, England)
“chucky pig” (Devon, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, England)
“chuggy peg” (North Devon)
“crawley baker” (Dorset)
“daddy grampher” (North Somerset)
“damp beetle” (North East England)
“dandy postman” (Essex and East London)
“doodlebug” (also used for the larva of an antlion)
“gramersow” (Cornwall, England)
“granny grey” (South Wales)
“horton bug” (Deal, Kent, England)
“menace” (Plymouth, Devon)
“monkey-peas” (Kent, England)
“monk’s louse” (transl. “munkelus”, Norway)
“parson’s pig” (Isle of Man)
“pea bug” or “peasie-bug” (Kent, England)
“piggy wig”
“pill bug” (usually applied only to the genus Armadillidium)
“potato bug”
“roll up bug”
“rosary bug” (Turkey)
“slater” (Scotland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand and Australia)
“sow bug”
“wood bug” (British Columbia, Canada)

Isopod Digital Drawing

Drawn in Autodesk Sketchpad & Gimp for touchups

I drew this because I love isopods, and saw that there was some sort of meme about them -> https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/isopods I don’t really understand the meme – I don’t know my memes in general, but isopods are cute and its nice to see them go viral or mainstream-meme-y or whatever <3

Horseshoe Crab <3 Digital Painting

For this one, the resolution is intentional – it’s stylized to look like an old video game. Digital drawing made in Autodesk Sketchpad and then edited in Gimp
This is the version without the pixelization effect.

Below is a link to my TeeSpring store, where this little guy can be put on a tank top (or other items if you want, let me know)


Strubby’s Strawberries

Some people didn’t like how Strubby has jam all over his mouth because it seems like he’s eating his own kind, which is distressing to some. Here’s an earlier version without the jam on his mouth.

I am testing out selling designs on both Teespring and Teepublic to see which has more success and which is better for me overall. Both are linked below.

Teepublic Store:


Teespring Store:


Spawn a Lumi

Lumi the All-Seeing Eye who never pays attention, is usually sleeping and doesn’t care about your conspiracy theories. I made him.


Click below to spawn a Lumi

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