Eight Legged Friends ♥


Arachnida is a class of arthropods (within the subphylum Chelicerata) that includes spiders, scorpions and the handful of remaining lesser-known orders that are unique and underappreciated.

The order Solifugae (depicted here eating a slice of pizza) is one of my personal favourite Arachnid orders. Spiders will always be my #1, but Solpugids will always hold a special place in my heart with their prickly nubs and beady little eyes.

Solpugids are also known as :

  • Camel Spiders
  • Wind Scorpions
  • Solifuges
  • Sun Spiders
  • False Spiders
  • Roman Spiders
  • Jerrymanders
  • Children of the Earth
  • Eyambulohungi (the one who breaks the meeting up)
  • Otjibiryanguari (moving without purpose)
  • Vet vretters (fat eaters)
  • Jagspinnekoppe (chasing spiders)
  • Walzenspinnen (road rollers)
  • Haarskeerders (hair cutters)
  • “The Kalahari Ferrari”

Arachnologist Dr. Paula Cushing’s “The Truth About Camel Spiders” not only enlightened me about the many cheeky aliases of the elusive arachnids, but it proved to be a thoroughly fascinating in-depth lecture on these curious little crawlies that deserve some positive attention (for once!).