Spawn a Lumi

Lumi the All-Seeing Eye who never pays attention, is usually sleeping and doesn’t care about your conspiracy theories. I made him.

Click below to spawn a Lumi

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Horseshoe Crab <3 Digital Painting

For this one, the resolution is intentional – it’s stylized to look like an old video game. Digital drawing made in Autodesk Sketchpad and then edited in Gimp
This is the version without the pixelization effect.

Below is a link to my TeeSpring store, where this little guy can be put on a tank top (or other items if you want, let me know)

Words Without Friends – Scrabble Diary

I play this Scrabble clone app on my phone a lot, and some “valid words” and “valid word definitions” seem … interesting so I screenshotted them below. Also I took screenshots of some of my invalid words that I think could be a word, along with some definitions I made up. Language itself is made up, therefore everything is valid and everyone’s a winner.

Invalid words that could be real words:

Sneeby adjective To be long snouted, sheepish and intend to avoid being caught licking things. Example sentence: “That sneeby little possum just lapped up the last of my macadamia nut milk!”

Caramelabuseverb To abuse/overuse caramel or carmelized items / noun Items that should not be caramelized. Example sentence: “This double dipped dreamsicle is an example of caramelabuse and general debauchery”

Glomp verb To hurl oneself upon another with an essence of stickiness Example sentence: “Tippy’s pal Molive glomped her in the hallway and she dropped her banana split”

Pouem noun A poem, or prose that is to be enjoyed whilst in the restroom. Example sentence: “He squinted across the room at the framed copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 hanging on the wall of the Taco Bell bathroom”

Goumet noun A high-priced gummy from a Michelin star restaurant. Example sentence: “For the fourth course, a Goumet a la Goomba”

Stepom noun A large footed soft creature that marries into your family. Example sentence: “After the divorce my stepom moved in with us and started shedding everywhere”

Gooty noun A brilliant blue old world tarantula Example sentence: “That Gooty Saphirre Tarantula is so beautiful eh?”

Tooty adjective Describes one who toots frequently. Example sentence: “The tooty gentleman seated next to me on the train put his jar of pickled eggs in the overhead compartment”

(=^・ω・^=) Cats in need of a new home! =^_^=

1. “Beurry” the cat wishes he could ₖᵢₗₗ ₑᵥₑᵣᵧₒₙₑ

None* of them are cursed, they all need loving homes full of living, breathing beings to ????? ?? love

2. SNO /╲IS Such a funny ℮ ℯ ℰ ℱ Ⅎ ℳ
3. “Snᴗm” the cat. Good with all living
4. Alveolarino is oNlYˈ(h)yo͞omən and cat scarf named SCsᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴇʟʏarf
5. Tobb and cat. Tobb is a humanform
7. Julietta from Europe and her cat named ₤ ₥ ₦ ₧ ₨ ₪ ₫ 
2. Curvy Petey
8. Bootymittens & Best Frend Toenya
8. Cheezbarga after generalized hypoxia due to obstruction of the airflow in the glottis when <a href="url">CHEEZBARGA LOZT IZ MAIND</a>
9. Cats the Musical but the air in the theatre is baths salths
10. H℁ H℁  H℁ H℁  H℁ H℁  H℁ H℁  So ⊥rue cant breethe
11. Timuthi & Sparki (They come together) (they stay 4ever)
12. Help! Need a vet! My cat fell up inside down the stairs Transient ischemic attack inside a deformed spacetime pocket combination of nice brown crust that seals in moisture and satan
13. My aunt Molive and her cat CHORT
14. Pedigree winner & Onlooker from Craigslist
15. Fabricat is 9% polyester 66% Fleísch