Kuriboh Fan Art

I made some Kuriboh fan art just because. I played Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links on my phone and bought some cards in pursuit of all the Kuribohs. He’s the thing that made me think maybe Yu-Gi-Oh’s alright.

I was like…“what’s that fuzzy brown thing?”

“Kuriboh…he sucks” was the reply I got.

He’s cute though. That’s why I like him. I mean what even is he? (Apparently he’s a chestnut). And then there’s Sangan, the 3-eyed Kuriboh-looking creature who looks like he’ll snarf your face like a wild boar, eat your wallet and keys right out of your purse, then start screaming into the night.

“That’s a Spicy Kuriboh!” Digital painting made in Gimp & Autodesk Sketchbook
I thought Sangan in the artwork for “Sanwitch” was a hoagie roll. My mistake inspired me to make this “Yummy Sanwitch”.
More Kuriboh cards I made. They’re whatever kind of rare is the rarest.