Lumi the All-Seeing Eye (Hand Puppet)

Back around 2015, I decided to handcraft a puppet out of everyday materials.

I decided to make character that’s an “All-Seeing Eye” that never notices anything. He’s always tired and uninterested in regular society, let alone the secret ones.

I had this plastic bulb from a nightlight and I took apart one of those clamping loose tea leaf holders (I took the ball part off).

I attached the bulb and the tea holder together with all-purpose wire and on each side of the tea holder I attached “eyelids” made of a cut up yoga mat and more wire. So now, when the tea holder is squeezed, instead of opening a tea ball infuser, the puppet can open and close its eyes.

The yellow buttons give the eyelid wires stability.

I glued a googly eye on the light for a pupil and beads and felt for the iris. It’s just an led inside a plastic bulb from the dollar store for the eye itself.

For the body, I “sewed” together a cut up yoga mat with wire

I was watching “The Dark Crystal”, since I was making a puppet, I thought it would be fitting!

I made the general pyramid shape and inserted the eye

For the “skin” and mouth parts, I bought cheap socks and blankets that felt soft and were colors I liked.

The puppet from the bottom. I can stick my arm in there to move the eyelids, and the mouth.

I cut a slit for the mouth and created a sock-tongue

Finally, I wrapped and glued his skin on, and gave him some folds and wrinkles for aesthetics and personality.

Here he is in action!

And that was how I made a hand puppet out of household materials.